Petition to: provision parking permits for the residents of Stevenage New Town

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Stevenage Borough Council to provision parking permits for the residents of Stevenage New Town. More details

Petition update from the council, 01 October 2019

The Council provides a number of parking options for residents in the town centre from season tickets through to 78 free on street bays from 6pm to 7am. Residents from the new town can make use of the old town car parks to benefit from their lower pricing.

The Council is reviewing the town centre season ticket offer through it’s Fees and Charges programme later this year for introduction in January 2020.

Zayd Al-Jawad
Assistant Director (Planning & Regulatory)

More details from petition creator

The residents of Stevenage New Town Centre are looking for a parking permit provision provided to them by the Council.

While the Centre is undergoing a facelift and new homes are being built, like that of Swingate or Park Place, there are no parameters in place to work with the residents for any sort of parking arrangements.

In comparison to the monthly parking in Old Town for £45 per calendar month amounting to £540 per annum, New Town residents have to pay nearly double of £85 per calendar month, amounting to £1020 per annum.

While the residents understand that owning and operating a vehicle is a personal choice, the price difference between the two, and also in comparison of the discount that Market Traders receive in parking quarterly leads us to believe that some sort of arrangement should be provided to the residents by the Council.

The suggested petition would allow the residents of New Town to park only in the North or South side of the Indoor Market Long Stay parking garage at a reduced price- currently a vastly underused asset that often sits nearly empty most evenings and could greatly benefit both the Council and the residents in the future.

Current signatories

Miss Hayley Alys Hiscock, the petition creator, joined by:

  • David Richards
  • Lucy Broughton
  • Andrew Oliver
  • Lucy Derham
  • Amanda Hall
  • Dawn Nicholls
  • Lauren Thompson
  • Sarah Goodyear
  • Nicholas
  • Rebecca sheridan
  • Syed Shah
  • Michael Law
  • Maurizio Motta
  • Adam Goodall
  • Sowmya Narayanan Nandakumar
  • Steve Mason
  • Dewi Hall
  • Lisa vidler
  • L Goodall
  • Phil Mortiboy
  • A Collins
  • Jordan Tilley
  • James white
  • Rachel Davies
  • J sheridan
  • Magdalena Stefanowicz
  • Sharon Allotey
  • Gregory Adams
  • Binman Xu
  • Kieran Klimek
  • George Phillips
  • Marion Akinwunmi
  • Dinali Chandrasoma
  • Surjit Kooner
  • Ian Shaw
  • Elizabeth Shaw
  • Sam North
  • O Cade
  • Sridhar Reddy Goli
  • Philip Cooper
  • James Ross
  • Amy Nowland
  • C McCrave
  • Virginijus
  • Chris Bernie
  • Jonathan Lindsey
  • Shivam Sharma
  • Juliet Gough
  • Kelvin Chun Kiu Leung
  • Mustafa Salih
  • Ramiz Lotfalla
  • Lindsey Townsend
  • philip martin
  • Hussam Alattar
  • Ruvina Sekhon
  • Dann Bryan
  • Sarah Mae Andong
  • Duncan Ogilvie
  • John Esquillo
  • Lucy Clark
  • Stella Banjo
  • Tanya Ludriecus
  • Wendy Ludriecus
  • John Ryan
  • Tracey constantas
  • Carol Keane
  • Mwenda Sitali
  • Agnes Zilahi-Szabo
  • Nitin Aran
  • Jonathan de Thierry
  • jeremy dickens