Petition to: double yellow line Tates Way

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Stevenage Borough Council to double yellow line Tates Way. More details

Petition update from the council, 07 November 2011

I can confirm that, subject to funding being approved, the Council intends to progress the implementation of a parking restriction scheme in Tates Way.

Once funding has been confirmed the Council will produce and advertise a traffic regulation order and then, providing that no objections to the scheme are raised, implement the restrictions.

Unfortunately I am unable at this stage to tell you how long this process will take.

More details from petition creator

Since the estate at Tates Way was built there has been a growing problem with people parking their cars in the street that do not live on the estate. This is causing problems for all drivers who are being forced to drive on the wrong side of the road when leaving the estate & potentially driving head on into cars coming onto the estate from the dual carriageway, forcing cars to reverse on to the dual carriageway in some cases. Also residents cannot park on their drives as people are parking too close to or even in front of their property entrance. Recently the police were called resulting in cars being towed as they had completely blocked the road & no vehicle could get past. This led to vehicles queuing all the way down Tates Way onto the dual carriage way causing traffic to back up for over an hour & a half. The majority of people that park causing the obstruction are visitors and employees of Lister. If this problem is not addressed then if a real emergency were to arise the emergency services will not be able to gain access. Should this happen, the results could be disastrous. So please double yellow line Tates Way & let us use this road as intended & not as an overflow car park for Lister.

Current signatories

Glyn Tomlinson, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Emma Smith
  • David Elliott
  • Stephanie Elliott
  • Halis Basbaydar
  • Aravindan Narayanan
  • Shalini Sundararaman
  • Sonja Rowe
  • Chris Denning
  • Chris Welsh
  • Sarb Sarai
  • Harminder Sarai
  • Stuart Pickering
  • steve muncer
  • E.Chughtai
  • jackie chamberlin
  • Alison Nazari
  • Alison John
  • Darren Mugford
  • Claire Mugford
  • Eric D'Souza
  • Grace D'Souza
  • Beverley Mynott
  • paul a mynott
  • Christopher D'Souza
  • Errol D'Souza
  • John Bowdery
  • Annette Bowdery