Petition to: stop plans to build houses in the garage block behind Nash Close

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Stevenage Borough Council to stop plans to build houses in the garage block behind Nash Close. More details

Petition update from the council, 07 May 2019

At present, the Council plans to remove the garages 1-5 Nash Close. These are in a state of disrepair and attract fly-tipping which adversely affects the local area and the ability to let these garages, should their condition be improved. We understand that local residents use the surrounding hardstand area for parking their vehicles, although this isn’t a clearly identified formal provision.

As part of removing these garages, the Council plans to sell the land for redevelopment. While no planning consent has been submitted, the Council has proposed that a terrace of three new homes could be built on the existing site. Each would have two designated parking spaces plus a further three. Within this suggested proposal, the surrounding hardstand would provide approx. 17 clearly marked parking bays for local residents to use to park their vehicles – an improvement on the ad-hoc arrangement that currently exists.

The Council would like to thank those who signed the petition for taking the time to share their views. We reiterate that this a suggested proposal at present and residents will have the opportunity to be fully engaged at the time that a planning application is submitted by a developer.

Craig Miller
Assistant Director (Stevenage Direct Services)

More details from petition creator

Stevenage Borough Council is planning to demolish garages G01-G05 and replace them with either 2 or 3 houses with 3 bedrooms each. This petition has been set up to enable local residents to show their objections to the plans and asks that the council takes into account the views of neighbouring people and stops this development.

Current signatories

Tom Wren, the petition creator, joined by:

  • sam achard
  • Claire Baldwin
  • Samantha Lamont
  • Sam miller
  • Carol adams
  • Georgia Burnell
  • Sam Juggins
  • Andy McGuinness
  • Robin Parker
  • Vivienne sullivan
  • John Sullivan
  • Wayne Spencer
  • Pauline Hoade
  • Alan Hoade