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We the undersigned petition Stevenage Borough Council to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
keep the 'King Pin' Public House open. (with response)Mrs M R Allen26 January 2011420
Save Stevenage Market (with response)Mr T Tompkins19 November 2012386
regulate the number of family houses converted to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), by means of an Article 4 Direction. (with response)Michael McCrow14 January 2016338
provide permanent higher security for Brent Court and its residents. (with response)Ms M Clements 5 March 2014109
stop the imposition of parking restrictions in Telford Ave outside nos 64-78 (with response)J Clark 2 March 201133
double yellow line Tates Way (with response)Glyn Tomlinson30 October 201129
repair, paint and make good the balcony and stairway that runs outside the maisonettes above the shops at Roebuck. (with response)Emma Casey 6 September 201226
Create additional parking at Elbow Lane.Mrs J Cooper24 March 201421
consider alternative safety measures other than the introduction of no waiting measures for Broom Walk (with response)Ms L Kennedy 8 February 201118
remove the wefare facilities for workmen and now storage out of collenswood road stevenage herts (with response)the collenswood resident association17 July 20111
Action against the horrendous parking in Ashleigh, Elm Walk. (with response)Kieran Astridge27 March 20161

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