Petition to: Get Tate in to the Round Diamond School

We the undersigned petition Stevenage Borough Council to Get Tate in to the Round Diamond School. More details

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Tate's education will suffer severely as his mothers epilepsy will prevent him from getting to the allocated school. Whereas going to the requested school would result in his second guardian, his nan, being able to fully support him in getting to and from school when his mother is not well enough. This means he will get the full time education every child deserves.

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It was outside the remit or powers of Stevenage Borough Council

Additional information about this rejection:
Dear Ms Harvey, thank you for your application for a petition. Unfortunately I cannot accept your petition as it calls for action that is outside of the remit of Stevenage Borough Council. School place allocations are the responsibility of Hertfordshire County Council and their policies and contact details can be found on the Herts Direct Website by using the following website address: Yours Faithfully Guy Moody Constitutional Services Officer Stevenage Borough Council 01438 242203