We the undersigned petition Stevenage Borough Council to TURN THE LIGHTS BACK ON!. More details

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I would like to see this terrible idea stopped. I and many of my neighbours are now feeling more vunerable than ever. I am having trouble sleeping as a consquence because every little noise I hear makes me nervous so I cannot begin to emagine what it must be like for the elderly or people working out of normal working hours such as nurses etc... I believe it to be true that a majority of the policeforce agree with me too and have been quoted as saying this is a receipe for disaster. The money that the council are supposedly saving will probably have to go towards crime prevention because this is what this will breed. Times are difficult at the moment and people are desperate. Also, I might like to add, where is the deduction in our council tax for this scheme! If the council are saving money, why then has the saving not come down the line to the people that actually pay for street lighting?

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It was outside the remit or powers of Stevenage Borough Council

Additional information about this rejection:
Thank you for submitting your on-line petition ‘Lights-on-please’ Unfortunately as the decision to turn off the street lights was taken by Hertfordshire County Council it is an issue that is outside of the control of Stevenage Borough Council and therefore not covered by the scope of our petitions scheme. For information Councillors at Stevenage Borough Council are, in the majority, opposed to this scheme. At a meeting of Full Council on 7 December 2011 councillors approved a motion to record their opposition to this decision and the Mayor of Stevenage wrote to the County Council to inform them accordingly. I would suggest that you refer to the County Council petitions scheme directly. It can be accessed at I note that there is already a petition from another resident about this matter on the County website (Turn Our Street Lights Back On) that has attracted over 2500 signatures and is open for signatures until the end of the year.